TraXion allows you to exercise comfortably and safely at home, office or outdoors, obtaining incredible results in just 15 minutes in toning muscles, burning fat and increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the whole body.

The exclusive system of pulleys, hooks and elastic bands you can perform extremely effective abs workout, back, arm, leg exercises and many others, which will work all muscle groups of your body. In addition, avoid injuries or overexertion, since you will use the strength of your own body, producing maximum power contractions, but always controlled.

Just by using the device 15 minutes a day you will get results as if you had trained 3 hours a day at the gym.

TraXion is adapted for men and women of all ages and fitness levels who want to care for and improve the health of their body.

Train fun and safely at home, with the professional TraXion device designed by scientists to get the results you want.

Increases strength and endurance
Triggers fat burning
Makes your body elastic and flexible
Recovery of muscle and joint functions
Slows aging
The muscular system is made up of elastic elements such as actin and myosin. Exercises with elastic bands educate the muscular system with elastic sensations compatible with its composition.
Increase muscle mass quickly. Similar to weight training, but more intense, safe and comfortable. Without unnecessary stress or overexertion, it produces maximum power contractions but always controlled, developing the general tone of the body in a harmonious way. Increase strength and endurance.
TraXion® allows you to burn fat more easily thanks to its intense action that activates practically all muscle groups. It triggers a metabolic alteration that produces rapid and visible weight loss. Produces muscles visibility by removing the superficial layers of fat earlier.
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